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Well I have an idea I think I am going to try to build. As I get older and with a back that isn't what it used to be, at some point I am going to likely need a recumbent. Well the old adage if you don't want to pay what someone is asking to buy what you want, then build it yourself will apply.

Truth of the matter there are a couple of things I want to do that would make the bike both better suited for touring and better suited for dealing with the heat of Texas. In fact if I can make it work I plan on making this a trike, which in some ways complicates one end or the other. Yet it will make some of the more unique features a bit easier to deal with. At some point, though not this year I want to run the Hotter than Hell 100. At 51 it may be just one of those things that make the bucket list you never do, but then again who knows.

Started looking at modifying a couple of old ten speeds, and yes I have seen plans for homebuilts using everything from scrap bikes to pvc. Yet I began to consider just building from scratch. Wondered if anyone knew a good source or two for raw materials like tubing and lugs ect. Be open to other ideas in alternative materials. I have actually considered building this out of bamboo. I have lots more experience working with wood than metal.

This could be a good learning experience as well if I can find the right sources, and I have a feeling that building a bike totally from scratch will have some personal satisfaction that is rewarding.
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