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Hey, I have a Giant Seek II. It has 700series tires. More less a commuter bike. I was thinkin of swappin out my handlebars. right now they are a straight bar but I wanted to go to a bullhorn type bar to be able to switch hand positions you know? and yes, Ive used those add on extensions that go at the end of the bars but I want a one piece bar this time.

Problem is, the shifters I have.. they have both high and low levers.. that is you have to push the bottom one to gear down and the top one to gear up... set up to use your thumb and index finger.

if I put these on a bullhorn type bar, I don't think theres enough room to put them horizontally the way they are now because they would interfere with hand position when hands are on the sides you know?

but if I try to put them on the forward aiming part of the bars, then shifting is going to screwed up.. awkward at best.

any ideas?

here's a Seek II... you can see a guy who added the extensions on the ends but Im not crazy about that....

these are the shifters... you can see how you need to use your thumb under and index finger over.....

how would you put these together with a bullhorn type bar like this.....?

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