SWorks Robaix creaking

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by digibud, May 19, 2020.

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    I weigh in around 230 plus or minus. I've had two carbon fiber bikes replaced thus far. My first Roubaix was replaced with a sweet SWorks Roubaix that developed creaking. My mech and I struggled to get it silent. The zert insert seemed to be the culprit one time. Then worse creaking began last summer and it seemed to be under control with a BB replacement but began creaking again this season. Made me crazy. I do all my own wrenching except BB work and I swapped pedals, wheels, shoes, and it remained even if I stood while pedaling so it wasn't the saddle. I gave up and let my mech know I was going to bring it in and possibly replace the BB with a Praxis after market. Before that I made one last stab and greased the skewers because that cured a creak on a Mtn bike some years ago and I removed the water bottle cages and cleaned the internal threads and greased the bolt threads and replace that. Voila. No more creaking. It was probably the skewers but who knows. The stupid press fit BB is a horrible thing but I'm happy it's now all good. Thought I'd mention it because it's not the most common place to look to solve a creaking bike. It only made noise under power but it was every pedal under power and now is silent.
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    I have hate the press fit BB as well. I have a small creak right now under power as well and I'm betting it's my front skewer. I keep waiting to fix it and put my summer wheels back on but it's been so windy (I have some deeper dished wheels that seem to act like kites in the winds :)) it's pointless to put them on right now. I didn't grease mine last time it happened but it was slightly loose and properly tightening it did the trick.
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    A threaded BB is the only way to go.
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    The press fit BB on my CRS lasted about two months before it started creaking. My LBS has certified mechanics and they couldn’t get it to stop creaking, no matter what they tried. Replaced the BB with a Wheels Mfg, thread together BB and that ended the creaking. That was three years and 23,000 miles ago and I’m still on the same BB. I did go from steel to ceramic bearings but that’s all I’ve changed. I will never have press fit BBS on a bike again.
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    Thanks a ton for this.

    I ahve a really sweet Chinese CF endurance build that worked amazingly for a while and then developed a click. I have replaced and/or re-adjusted everything--Every single freaking thing--except the skewers. I doubt I would have thought of greasing them---though checking tension was next on my list (pretty sure it is not the rear skewer as I have tried a few different wheels.) But hey ... why not do both anyway? I would Really love to be able to ride that bike without waiting for e intermittent clicking to start ....

    So A.) Great news for you, B.) Wheels BBs rock, and C.) Thank You for one more thing to mess with to try to fix my bike.
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    The bb30 brackets specialized continues to use are problematic. I love their bikes and am on me 3rd Tarmac. I had great success in stopping that issue on my former bike by installing a BBinfinite bottom bracket. They built their whole company initially to address cervello bb creaking issues but works well on the press fits.
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