Symptoms of overtraining

Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by Xela, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Anyone have or know of a list of symptoms of overtraining. I'm getting late into the season and was hoping to peak for two group centuries I have next month, but I think I might be overdoing it. I hate not riding and not taking advantage of the long days and warm weather while they're here, but I know that too much can as bad or worse than too little.
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    Does your wife remember your name?

    Seriously though, as long as you're mixing up your routine with sprints/intervals, hills, and some big miles, and remembering to throw in some recovery rides, you'll be fine. Don't overdo it in any one area, and don't skimp on recovery days.

  3. cyclingmind

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    Poor performance in competition or workout sessions, reduce maximum heart rate, increase heart rate while sleeping, heavy feeling muscles, lung infections, lack of motivation, decrease in ability to concentrate are some of the symptoms of overtraining.
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    You got a good list there from cyclingmind. Especially the increased HR at rest and lack of motivation.
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    I found myself overtraining recently and the big indicators for me were the increased heart rate (and inability for my HR to recover as easily as it used to) and lack of motivation. I took a few days off completely and slowly got back into riding and I have been fine since.

    It sounds like your issue may be similar to mine. I would want to ride every single day, no questions asked. Then I would tell myself that I am going to go on an "active recovery" ride but at the end I would look at my average speed and elevation and realize I didn't do any recovery riding. My solution to this was I contoured my rides around my heart rate zones. I use my Garmin to alert me when I go outside of Zone 3 so I am not pushing it. I also stay away from the hilly roads on my recovery days and make sure to spin those larger gears in the rear so I am not putting to much tension into my legs. It seems to be working for me.
  6. Hardtail

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    Yeah I have been guilty of over training. My legs have been sore for 10 days striaght now. Thats even with a day off here and there. I just enojy riding so much that I have to tell myself no.