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Tajikistan is a great country for cycling. The mountain scenery is just out of this world and there is hardly any traffic. Being on a bike is also one of the best ways to get to know the Tajik people. That said, the country should not be underestimated. It is a tough pedal. Tajikistan was the most strenuous cycling we had ever done, harder than the Karakoram Highway and Bolivia. So, you do need to be reasonably fit. We were pleased we had cycled across Europe before arriving in Tajikistan. The effects of altitude are also a significant factor on the Pamir Higway which reaches a height of 4,655m.

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Kyrgz Border to Osh

The descent into Kyrgyzstan from the Kyzyl Art pass is one of the roughest of the route. More boulder field than road. Eventually, the road from the pass joins a wide green valley and there is some tarmac. However, sections of this road are often washed away. A few kilometres down this valley is the main Kyrgyz checkpoint at Bor Dobbo. From Bor Dobbo, it's a great pedal across the flat Alay valley plain to Sary Tash, about 20km away. If you are going straight to Kashgar via the Irkeshtam Pass, turn right at Sary Tash. The road to Osh carries on over the 3600m Taldyk Pass. This pass has a really annoying double summit. The descent from the Taldyk is down a very spectacular but extremely dusty series of switchbacks. From the bottom of the switchbacks its an enjoyable pedal through alpine scenery to the town of Gulcho. From Gulcho, there is a final climb up the 2400m Chyyyrchyk Pass before the 50km, mostly down hill, run into Osh.
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