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Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by davidn, Jul 19, 2009.

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    Greetings fellow roadies!
    I just joined the forum, and I wonder if anyone could explain to me the basics of tandem bicycles. I've picked up the term "stoker" from used tandem ads, and I figure the term means the rider at the back, who mainly powers the bike. Is this correct? I've also heard from a friend that the front rider who steers needs to clearly indicate to the rider in the rear when he/she wishes to turn or veer to the left or right, so they can synchronize their lean on the bike. A bit tricky to do at the beginning, I understand. I would appreciate any light that can be shed on riding a tandem, and what to look for in a good road tandem. Thanks a bunch!
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    Welcome Davidn! :)

    Tandems are a unique creature to conquer. They can be very fun with the right people. Getting the hang of it takes team work but is def. fun once you get it down. How serious are you gonna be with it? You can buy cheap ones and very nice ones. Really depends on your budget and your useage. Communication is key for the riders.