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    Yea, prolly not what you are thinking. I needed something sweet to eat after dinner this evening and I grabbed a bag of dark chocolate M&M's.

    As I was destroying the package trying to get it open I noticed a symbol and the word Terracycle and a brief description of the the concept of what it was.

    "TerraCycle’s purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating national recycling systems for the previously non-recyclable"

    "TerraCycle upcycles and recycles traditionally non-recycable waste (including drink pouches, chip bags, tooth brushes and many more) into a large variety of consumer products. These products keep waste out of our landfills and contribute to a cleaner world."

    Some of the results: Products Index | TerraCycle

    The older I get the more involved with things like this I tend to be. I wonder how cost effective things like this are
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    hopefully it is cost affective but i fear it is not... nonetheless i would pay a slight more for m&m s packaged this way.

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    It makes more sense in the long run to go with recycling.
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    Recyclable materials are great, just wish more people would recycle:(

    Sunchips uses a bag that takes the lazy outta being green. It is completely compostable. It is a very loud bag so dont think you would see it in movie theaters, but a great idea nonetheless.

    Gonna have to check out the dark chocolate M&Ms. Since beginning my new fitness kick last year I have been quite limited in my "candy" snacks. Been diggin the Hershey's dark chocolate covered almonds.