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Just thought I'd pass this along for anyone interested. This is from a post on my local recumbent forum:

Texas State Time Trials
Not to be confused with the Texas Time Trials / Tejas 500 that is run in Glen Rose every September. This is a true time trial with varied distances and one day individual event and one day team event.

They have decided to add a recumbent category.

Distances of 10, 20, and 40k are available. The event is being held just outside of San Antonio Texas on Aug. 14 for the individual and Aug. 15 for the team event.

These are great opportunities to test yourself so don't be afraid to give this a try even if you don't consider yourself a racer. Whenever groups like this actually go out of their way to add a bent category it's pretty amazing, so if you can support it, they'll do it again next year.

Texas State Time Trial Championships -- August 14 & 15 -- Floresville, TX
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