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I got an email this morning from inviting me to this site. Glad to see a cycling and homebrewing partnership, as those are two of my favorite things.

I am an engineer living in northwest Arkansas. I greatly enjoy spending time with my wife, road-cycling, good brews (especially micro and homebrews), and grilling. My favorite band is Radiohead.

I currently ride a Specialized Roubaix SL2. Got the frame for Christmas and swapped my Campy group from my Look 595. Loved the 595, but my flexibility isn't what it used to be, and I needed a frame that would let me set up a little more. Besides, I enjoy longer, slower rides and don't race, so the Roubaix is a much better frame for me. I must admit though, I still lustfully look at some of the Pegoretti frames on Competitive Cyclist. Just couldn't bring myself to get a steel frame in this era of carbon-fiber-everything. But I think the man's work is amazing.

Guess that's enough for an intro. Look forward to chatting around here.

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