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1. Check for brake problems. Check whether the brake line should be replaced and whether the brake stroke is appropriate. Generally, the stroke of the rear brake is smaller than that of the front brake. Also pay attention to adjusting in time after a long downhill, because the brake line may be stretched at this time, and the travel of the rear brake is large.

2. Tire problem. Use mountain tires when mountain biking to ensure the stability of the ride. Friends who use V brakes should pay attention not to use the inner tube with a patch, so as not to cause the inner tube to leak due to the high temperature generated by the long-term braking.

3. Riding protective equipment and measures. Special emphasis is placed on developing the habit of wearing helmets, because there is a possibility of crashing whether it is on the flat or in the mountains, and helmets are the guarantee of our lives!

Other protective gear is also necessary, such as gloves, trouser ties, etc. In addition, there are necessary equipment for survival in the wild, such as guides, enough water and food, first aid supplies and emergency medicines, hiking shoes, and even protective ropes. Also don't forget to have enough power for your phone.
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