The New EZip "StepThrough"

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    Just got an EZip, for $258, including shipping! Of course, I immediately began my upgrades.

    The StepThrough ...

    My newest bike began life as a "2009 Ladies, EZip Trailz".
    Of course, I always improve on the basic model. Improvements include:

    20T to 16T motor side freewheel upgrade.
    (Sight alignment problem, bent motor bracket slightly, to re-align.)

    11-32T 7spd freewheel upgrade.
    (Tried 11-34T freewheel first, but chain seemed too long for 11T, went 32T so I could have the option of shortening chain, by a link or 2, later.)

    Took off the OEM slip & slide tires and replaced with 2.125 road-worthy whitewalls. Also installed a 5x "slime" filled tube in the rear tire.

    Adjusted hub bearing tightness, aligned wheels, adjusted brakes, etc.

    The result is a beautiful, comfortable, cruiser.
    Sadly, too nice for any of the "Ladies" I know!

    So, ... I have added an elegant StepThrough to my stable of eBikes!

    Total upgrade time ... about 4 hours. Re-replacing the 7spd and re-aligning the motor gears caused the project to take much longer than necessary.

    Thanks mikefish! (Sarcastic tone) If you hadn't told everyone about this deal, I might have got it even cheaper! (ha ha ha!)

    Will supply pictures, as soon as, snow is gone, and sun comes out.
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    The 2009 EZip StepThrough!

    The Sun, came out. Here are the promised pictures.
    The 2009 EZip StepThrough! Upgraded from 2009 Ladies EZip.


    Threw on some big "comfy" whitewalls.


    16T & 7spd 11T upgrades are working nicely!


    Oh! ... The green valve cap? As long as I was replacing the rear tire, I installed a "5X Slime filled tube", supposedly thorn, nail etc. resistant! [email protected] Walmart.

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    Oh no!
    Got my new EZip, perked er up, took er for a ride and putted along?

    I think I got stuck with a 250w motor!
    Supposed to be a 450w!

    The good news?
    Instead of 20mph, it putts along at 17mph, but almost silently!
    Might be nice for a 100lb girl, but at 200lb, not for me.

    Damn, either I have to pick up a cute little "sweet thing" or ...
    I could break out one of my spare 450watt'ers.
    I picked up 3 from AllElectronics a year, or so, ago.
    A 250w will come in handy for something