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I was livid when I heard about it and went all the way back to New Jersry from Toronto to take him to court. I filed suit and would have won (I knew the judge) but, a few weeks after I filed, he fell down the stairs at his house, breaking his neck and killing himself. He was drunk...and high on oxycodone. apprently he had gotten into drugs after I moved (I moved in December 2009 and this was May 2010). Had i known beforehand, I would never have left my beloved LeMond with him. I loved that bike.

It is a good thing I never found out who bought it, or I would be in jail.

The worst part is that I left 2 bikes with him. That one and a 2003 Raleigh Grand Sport that was my backup bike that he could have gotten 50 bucks for. I would have been angry but not an angry as I was. I may have let that one go without filing suit, as I sold that one a few months later.


Brian J.
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