Thinking of buying a bike, but not sure what type.

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Tony, May 3, 2009.

  1. Tony

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    Back when I was a pre and young adult I had a Schwinn 10 speed "English" racer, yes I am old. Loved it, it was so well built compared to my previous bike. A few years later I purchased another Schwinn bike but I never road it, eventually I sold it to a friend.

    Typing this question I think I've answered it already. My best buy would be one of those mountain bikes wouldn't it? BLAH, well the good thing is it will go with my Jeep better. ;)

    I'm sure there are better brands than Schwinn, but are they a better value? What brand would be the best bang for my buck? (And model?)
  2. Doobie

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    I bought a Trek 6000 and I love it. nice light bike that was not too expensive only about $800
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  3. BlueXJ

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    You refer to $900 as not too expensive. Well I, like Tony, am old and the bikes I bought my kids were under $150 and I know prices are higher now but that seems pretty high for a simple bike.