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    I've always wondered about this. Why is it not required your tag be visible/attached to a bike rack. I know when I put mine on to carry the mtb, there aint no seeing my tag.

    I got warned about my rear tag year sticker not being clearly visible, I knew it was wrong and ended up changing my New York Yankees tag holder :D
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    In most states it is the law to not obstruct your LP. I however understand the add-on’s we place on vehicles and it is not an intentional act to obstruct.

    My Jeep Wrangler has the plate to the side so it is not an issue. I don’t know many if any cops in my state that care about the circumstance you are in and how it is obstructed. We have worse things to worry about...LOL
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    Never thought about it. Guess my rack obstructs it a little but.
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    It’s just a tool to be used as needed, when nothing else is there and a person needs checking on.
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    I went through a 'routine' roadblock once in the early 90's with a trunk-mount bike rack and bike on the car, the car was a huge 1979 Olds Cutlass Salon with chrome rims and all the works, nicely hotrodded up.

    There were two cops, one a rookie-looking female state trooper who told me to pull over on the side. She followed me over and said she was checking whether she could see my taillights through the bike rack/bike.

    Now, the Cutlass Salon is huge and has huge taillights and the bike was quite high on the slopeback trunk but she wandered around the back, back and forth, back and forth, occasionally squatting down. I was both slightly peeved as well as quite amused, but also worried that she was somehow going to throw a ticket on me.

    Eventually, she told me it was fine and I continued on, and I figuring that either she was just such a rookie or that she was using it as an excuse to check over everything else - which she kinda didn't seem to be doing, she was really interested in the rear of the car. Ha.

    On my present car (Honda Accord Coupe with aftermarket hitch) I worry more about the taillights than whether someone can see my plate. With one or two bikes the lights show through fine but I have considered putting a couple trailer lights on the horizontal bars and wire them via the trailer light harness. Make the bikes and extension of them on the back of the car more visible.
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