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    Rode my first time trial on Sunday. I'm not really up to cycling club standard yet, but felt like giving it a go. Here's the results. It was a 2 mile uphill time trial.

    "end of " Summer Hill Climb
    Sunday 6th September 2009

    What a wet horrible Sunday morning for the 9 brave souls on the inaugural End of Summer Hill Climb.

    Although there was no rain the weather was damp and overcast. There was plenty of standing water on the roads on the ride to the start of the climb and the road grit from last week’s heavy rains was soon picked up on the chain and rims. A 10 to 15 mph WSW wind made things interesting but overall it was slightly with us coming over the left shoulder.
    Well done to Peter for a blistering performance and putting down the course record.
    Let's make it sub 8 – Platinum standard, sub 9 – Gold standard, sub 10 Silver standard, sub 11 Bronze standard.

    The climb up to Stronachie is very pleasant and none too steep. It was also very quiet on a Sunday morning with only one or two cars using the road at the same time as riders climbing.
    Well done to all who took part and special thanks to Roddy for starting riders off on their minute slots.

    Pos name Surname Gen Cat Time
    1 Peter Owen M Sn 8.19
    2 Roddy Pattison M Vet 9.05
    3 Gillian Corsie F Vet 9.17
    4 Alan Corsie M Vet 9.25
    5 Tony Brotherton M SnVet 9.37
    6 Rashmi Shah M Vet 9.50
    7 Paul Zarb M Vet 11.03
    8 Duncan Campbell M Vet 11.52
    9 Margaret McCusker F SnVet 15.30
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    An uphill TT? I would vomit on my shoes halfway up. :eek:

  3. Roadrunner

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    I very almsot did as I reached the top:(

    I'm really glad I made the effort though.
  4. madal

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    Funny TT's should come up, I recently found out that the 2010 British TT Champs are not far from where we live and at 56 years of age I had a "Blonde Moment":rolleyes: and bought..............................

    a Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon TT bike:cool:.

    Just before this, to make matters even worse I had put a bid on a Specialized S-Works E5 that was a a bargain, but I'd forgotten about it and was to busy drooling all over the Stealth :cool::love:

    Yep, you guessed it :rolleyes:, mine was the winning bid :eek:

    Sadly the Stealth is for sale and the S-Works is here to stay :love:, if only I could keep both :rolleyes:.............

    says he desperately selling anything and everything to justify the idea:D:D
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    good cheap tt bars

    on the topic of timetrials...

    i've been meaning to try a 10 miler for ages and want to get some clip-on tt bars to have a go with.

    i'm on a really tight budget- can anyone recommend a brand/model please?