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Hi Guys,

I have a Specialized Hardrock, ride ~ 50 mile/week. 90% is asphalt paved paths//street and maybe 10% Fire trails (Alum Rock Park)

I have been running Performance brand Forte "Versatrac" 26x2.0 and have been really happy. They roll incredibly well and are super quiet and smooth as silk @ 62 psi. Yes, they will spin out on a steep loose climb in the park but those are short and I always make it up.

They weigh about 610 grams are Kevlar based and tough as nails.

I knew I should have bought a back up pair but didn't, and of course now they are discontinued

So, I email Kenda tech support and ask for advise and they recommend Kozmic Lite II 's.

I put them on and did 26 miles this morning (Coyote Creek Trail) and hated them! They are so loud (think ROARRRRRRRR) I could hear them even with my music turned up!

So, I don't know what to get. I have to have a smooth, quiet tire but do need some grip for the trails.
Looking at the Kenda Kross Plus or Kenda Pathfinder.

Appreciate any help!


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