Tired came off rim

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Roadster, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Can anyone help me understand this sequence of events? I can't tell what caused what.

    1. Had 700 x 30 Ritchey Tom Slicks on Specialzed Crossroads rims. No problems.
    2. Bought Nashbar Comfort Road tires, marked 700 x 32. Installed them and discovered they actually measured 700 x 28. VERY difficult to install!
    3. Rode for 2 weeks. No problems except I had to add air every few days.
    4. Tonight: Added air. Rode 2 miles, including some turns. Noticed what Sheldon Brown calls "wallowing" upon cornering.
    5. Then heard front brakes rubbing. Rim appeared to be suddenly out of alignment.
    6. Saw that tire had popped off rim.

    What do you think caused the tire to come off?
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    First are you certain the wheel was properly installed back on to the bike once you did the maintenance on the tire?? Sometimes unless you get the wheel all the way down in the slot properly, at some point one side or the other will slip.

    Second is the wheel now true? Have checked the rims to feel for something that might cause the failure?? When you had trouble putting it on, you also could have easily pinched something.

  3. Roadster

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    Problem solved, I think

    Thanks very much for your reply. I think I may have figured out the problem. After reading Sheldon Brown, I think my tires were underinflated. I had used a frame pump rather than floor pump and didn't check the pressure with a gauge. According to Sheldon, underinflation causes that "wallowing" and can also cause the tire to come off the rim.

    When I put a floor pump on the valve the pressure read 40 lbs. It's an 85-lb tire.

    I reseated the tire and inflated it to 80 lbs with the floor pump. When I reinstalled the wheel it was true once again. The tire retained air overnight. So I guess all is well.

    I learned a lesson---use a floor pump and a pressure gauge. Just lucky the tire popped off 1/4 of a mile from home.
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    A frame pump usually isn't good for much more than getting you home after a flat. Much like those fancy multi-tools are for fixing things during a ride, not routine work at home. But it looks like you figured out part of that already.