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Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by chibibike, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. chibibike

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    is it normal to wipe off tires after you ride or am I OCD?
  2. BlazingPedals

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    Wipe them off? What's on them?

  3. rola643

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    I do it, remove all the little pebbles and trash that may stick to them but not after every ride, usually.
  4. Xela

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    I only wipe a tire when I'm cleaning the entire bike. I do more frequently check for embedded gravel shards that are waiting for that right bump to penetrate the tire and deflate my tube.
  5. SprocketGirl

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    my Wilier i clean after every ride, it is generally cleaner than my silverware. most my other bikes get the normal cleaning besides Jean(my mtb) yes i name my bikes. she only gets cleaned when i can hear the chain trying to function or something breaks... it is personal that i like her to have grime from the trail. i know strange but i feel silly on an overly clean xc hardtail. my full suspension ride has more moving parts that need to be a little cleaner. funny thing is Jean is my favorite, she gets the most miles, most time in the saddle and the least cleaning.
    so, yes my road tires are cleaned.....
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  6. Industry_Hack

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    Other than wiping snow off my tires before bringing a bike into my office, no. If they stay outside, they'll get cleaned when I strip the bikes down due to winter boredom.
  7. wild

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    So I guess you could say Jean has bin rode hard and put up wet.

    I check the tires for glass all most every ride, I have found if I pick out the pices of glass I don't get as many flats .
  8. cwtrials

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    You're OCD, but most good bike owners are. When I used to ride a road bike I'd inspect the tires between rides real quick. Road tires are damaged much easier and not forgiving when they blow.
  9. retromike3

    retromike3 retromike3

    depends on which bike

    For my little red road bike I usually check it over and see how it went, I may wipe it down if its been raining, or if I went through the mud otherwise I just hang it up, pull it off the rack, pump up the tires and head out.

    My track bike has different needs, it has sew ups, so I check the tires every time I come back. I really hate fixing slow ups thats why I have two sets. One very light and one that is Kevlar belted. If I come back after a ride and I don't hear the telltale hiss I'ts probably okay but I still have to check I've always remembered as is in place. A a you should mention the glass biomechanical guy and line run my hands over it just to make sure because .I really don't see very well anymore but my fingers I'll tell me ouch.

    I have a really old trek touring bike, this bike gets lots of the abuse. Its my commuter and rain bike so it doesn't get washed much at all. I did finally wash it about a month ago, boy was it filthy. The rear hub finally gave up the ghost, so I replaced it with a new to me campy and now it's back on duty. Someday I'm going to have to finally get around to painting and prepping it then I will have to wash it every day, sigh.

    To me a bicycle is a tool anything else is referred to by the term anthropomorphizing. Unlike a horse your bike doesn't care if it's been ridden hard and put away because it's just a collection of parts. I will admit however that when my campy Noavo Record derailleur got shifted into the spokes and broken in two I could've sworn I heard a scream:( ( I still have the pulley that I sometimes wear on a steel chain)

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  10. bradsalex

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    Wow, that's love and dedication. :thumbsup:
  11. TxCyclist

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    I don't unless I'm bringing it indoors.