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Recently I got some titanium spoke nipples for Titan Wheel Technologies, and gave them a try. They're not for everyone, but seem like they're a good fit for some riders. Figured I'd share my thoughts/experience with you.

The Pros/cons of ti spoke nipples:
-Pro: Stronger than either brass or alloy, a LOT stronger.
-Pro: Crazy hard to strip
-Pro: Lighter than brass. I saved 14g per wheel with a 32h.
-Pro: More corrosion resistant
-Con: A bit heavier than alloy
-Con: Price, they're pretty expensive

Building. Titan sent me a pack of finish line titanium anti-seize to use. It's fairly important to use liberally since otherwise the titanium may seize a bit. Some of the spoke nipples were a bit "tight" but once you got into the build they all became butter smooth. They feel like they'd be impossible to strip, not only is the Ti stronger than both brass and alloy, these have longer flats for the spoke wrench to grip than a similar sized brass nip. Brass and alloy nips are almost throw away, I'm actually taking these off and saving them for my next wheel build.

Final thoughts. If you're a big/heavy rider and have trouble with breaking spoke nips this could be a good investment. Or if you want a nice high end wheel build with something other than alloy. But they are fairly pricey, so it's not for everyone. And if you want a super light build alloy will save you a bit more weight. Titan themselves doesn't try to say this is for everyone, but an alternative to brass/alloy that may work well for some people.
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