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I rode from my home in Maryland to Virginia by way of Washington DC. Rossyln VA, from the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Potomac River.

Occupy Arlington. This guy wasn't protesting anything but his camp between the highway and the bike path demonstrates something about this country. Freedom perhaps.

A church with a gas station in it.

Georgetown from the Key Bridge. Up on the rooftop, old Saint Nick.

The C&O Canal. You can ride the dirt towpath from this point to Cumberland Maryland, 184 miles away.

Was Hack in town demonstrating against the Occupy DC protest?

Canadian black squirrels were introduced to DC in the twenties after the local gray squirrel population had been decimated by hunting.

America's greatest composer. U street in NW DC was known as the Black Broadway in the days of segregation.

This cat used to be in front of the Chinese Embassy. The sculpture has not moved, but the Embassy has. He and another similar tiger now guard an empty building. The ball in his mouth is one of several moving parts. Similar to the ball in a box whittling exercise, but I presume more difficult to do in stone. I forgot to take a picture of the most impressive example of this, a ball within a ball.

This cat seems to be embarrassed by the indignity of his holiday collar.

This reminded me of Hack also. It also reminded me of a Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays!
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