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    I like most of his emails so I'll share a few from time to time. They are mostly common sense but I like hs approach and wit to putting pen to paper...if we can even use that term anymore.
    Kind of like Chuck Lorre ism's after shows like The Big Bang Theory etc. but I guess those are actually called vanity cards. get my point or so I hope.

    HIGENE IS IMPORTANT, that's why I rinse my legs once a week. Sometimes, even two times. Rarely, three or more.

    It's all part of my diabolical training... one of the reasons you may get me on a training a ride, but RaceDay be totally different.

    Do you rinse your legs?

    Errr... do you even know how to rinse your legs?

    Not wash.


    A rinse ride is where you go out and go real easylike.
    Heart rate, very low.
    Power, negligible.
    Cadence, high.

    It feels like a big, fat waste of time. But it's not, at least for me. For me, it's integral to what I do.

    Train hard, then rinse.

    I usually rinse on Thursdays, after Monday openers and Tuesday hammering and Wednesday tempo/climbing...

    ... rinse, and repeat.

    Keep your power low and your cadence up real high,
    Going on a rinse ride gonna have a real, a good time!

    You know what else is a good time?

    The PEDALposse.

    How good?

    Click it out before price goes up next week.


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    Speaking of no hands, A FB friend had a post in which someone replied to seeing a cyclist ride no handed and just blew up over and how dangerous and irresponsible it was. Of course I had a nice response to the safety of drivers being dangerous and irresponsible with those damn phones in their faces...silence is golden. Anyway.


    Tom was the best surfer of my generation, and he didn't care a whit for his sponsors. I remember my bikeracing friend Bill, then a big shot at Quiksilver, ranting that Tom was a terrible athlete to front the brand. Bill liked LeMond. Tom was no tightly wound euro... he didn't seem to care about winning,.. didn't show up for the people paying the bills. He showed up to surf.

    He became a 3-time world champion... soul surfing.

    Strickland is a man cutting his own path. He picked up by racing in is 20's. Since then, he turned down an opportunity to race the Spring classics for Jonathan Vaughters.

    He got on Vaughters radar by dominating the Red Hook Crit Series.

    Then owned World Tour pros at Dirty Kanza last year.

    He's a soul rider.

    Yesterday I did some soul riding myself... here's my Rx:

    Load up with plenty of fuel,
    a gist of where you want to go,
    and let your loved ones know you'll be back before dark.

    Take the route less traveled, at whatever pace your feelin'.

    No chasing or waiting. Just riding.

    Ease off the pace a bit and bust out some real food. A waffle, a PBnJ, dried fruit, salted dates with almonds.

    Coast along.

    No hands.

    Saving our souls.

    Who knows there just might be a championship or PR up ahead.

    You what else is up ahead, a price increase on the PEDALposse.

    I hope that someone gets my
    I hope that someone gets my
    I hope that someone gets my...


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    That’s my kind of riding right there^
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    The one thing you can control in life is your effort.
    - Mark Cuban, owner Dallas Mavericks

    The moment I read this tweet, I knew I had to share it.

    But why?

    Because that sacred early morning ride is one of the few events I can control?

    Because the connection between effort and results on a bike is so much more obvious than other sports? Lots of people regularly make a lucky shot, non-existent is the lucky sprint.

    I'm not sure I can put into words why that statement resonates so strongly with me.

    But it does.


    In a satisfying and disturbing way... like that picture that vacillates between the old lady and the young lady.

    Which reminds me why I like these lights so much.


    They are very lightweight, and very disturbing. I run them front and rear, day and night.

    And I know people see me... they're that alarming.

    Use promo code: EFFORT
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    ALL I KNOW IS I WAS ENJOYING A COOL EVENING, COASTING HOME WITH MY HANDS AT MY SIDES AND MY SMILE REAL WIDE... thinking I'm gonna call tonight's post The oldest trick in the book.

    Because is there an older, cooler trick than that first time you let go with boh hands... not the first time for onetenthofasecond... the first time you were relaxed, cool as a cucumber?

    Well, come to think of it there are cooler times...

    ... like riding the Stingray off the curb, no hands...

    ... like casually pulling off your jacket or vest or warmers and patiently folding to properly fit in your jersey pocket all while rolling along in the bunch, no hands...

    ... like beating your friends across the city limits sign and celebrating, no hands...

    ... like ending a long day at the yob with a little spin, cleansing your mind, no hands..

    ... and the oldest trick, becomes the best trick.

    You wanna know another cool trick?


    The factory is taking this 2D rendering and turning it into a super sweet pair of gloves... and they'll be available in about 3 weeks.

    Let me just interject a phenomenon I've noticed over the years, when we are under attack as a nation we get very patriotic. There's been a marked uptick in our Patriotic collection the last 3 weeks. I think these gloves will be a hit, and probably sell out.

    So, if you want an early crack at them here you go:

    Use promo code: BESTTRICK ... if you're part of the PEDALposse, you can use your mo' betta' personal code.


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    I do not care if Deron rides no handed. Unless.....
    He's riding closely beside me.
    He's Captain and I'm Stroker on the Tandems!
    Then NO! ;-)
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    1. Train at the front of the group. If you're on a group ride, get your buns to the front... where it's hard, you'll be a lot harder to drop come race time.
    2. Always be prepared. We're hardly Boy Scouts. But, the Scouts are right. Be prepared in body, mind, spirit and saddle bag. The posse doesn't spect anyone to carry parts for them.
    3. Thou shalt bend thy elbows. While riding with the elbows locked my feel good, might even look good in your mind, it's a great way to find yourself splattered on the asphalt.
    4. Name thy bike. Your bike is an extensive of you... give it a name to be known on the records of Starva.
    5. Never bonk. Bonking, running out of food, is the true rookie move... and if done righteously can leave you depleted an in a hole for weeks
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    I agree with all 5 but have to say my favourite is to name your bike, followed closely by number three.

    Five while I agree is easier said than done. Find me a pro who has never bonked and I will show you a pro who has never placed very high.

    With great effort comes great risk...
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    I thought he should have included dropping your shoulders. And yes, the bonking this is...not realistic.
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