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Well finally got well enough to ride and check some things out. Set out right at sunset, wind calm, sky clear, and the temp was just perfect. First thing I noticed was my handling issues were gone. For once I was right. I upgraded to a tire on the back that would handle 100psi, but since the Sunray is a 26 20, I couldn't find a 20 inch tire that could take 100psi so I left the stock one on that only went to 60. I figured power transfer would still apply and the front wouldn't make that much difference. Well it did. Once got the power transfer, when I would turn the lower pressure left a lack of precise steering. Racers would call it a push, but I could feel the lack of tire pressure letting the sidewall compress. I had to order a 20 incher that could take 100psi, and the first corner I knew problem solved. That really is a good feeling watching the sun go down.

Now I had the chance to check out the gearing changes. The original group in the back is a 34 14, but put on a 28 12. For me it seems nearly perfect. The 28 gets me up the hill. The 12 I didn't quite spin out yet, but I hope to get more fit and be able to do so. The bike just feels like a road bike now rather than a cruiser. It's just what I hoped I would get. The only thing I would want to change now is the twist shift and go to a trigger shift.

Did about 10 miles so no real big trips but it was the perfect time to watch the stars come out. Tried my velcro on handlebar flashlight mount. This was the only glitch in the ride. The handlebars are angled in such a way to point the lights in the wrong direction where I wanted to mount them. Still came up with another way to position the lights that might work. They are much brighter and if I can make them work it should improve how far I can see. Just took them off tonight, went back to the old lights and enjoyed the ride.

The ride was on a fairly secluded back road with few lights. As the stars came out I realized its times like this that makes all the effort, expense and time worthwhile.
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