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    This is a multifaceted question:

    • What tools do you think are most important for a cyclist/home bike mechanic to have in their toolbox at home?

    • What tools/supplies do you carry with you on your bike?

    • What tools do you not own that you think would help your wrenching?

    I'll start:

    1) These are most of my "bike specific" tools I use at home. I have various screw drivers, allen wrenches, sockets, and whatnot too but since they are not bike specific I didn't bother to picture them.

    2) This is what I like to carry with me when I ride. Overkill I know. The "Trixie Tool is because I ride fixed gear or nutted axles.

    3) I'd love to have a wheel truing stand, a spoke tensionometer, and some pin spanners.
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    Great post! Very informative to a nube rider for sure. Thanks.

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    That depends on what you work on or feel comfortable working on. It also depends on what bikes you have and/or work on.

    This is a basic list of tools that I'd recommend. Some tools will vary with what you're working on. For instance, a crank puller will depend on the type of interface (e.g. square taper, ISIS, etc.)

    -Chain breaker
    -Crank puller (if required)
    -Cone wrenches
    -Allen wrenches (I like P-wrenches the best)
    -Crainring nut wrench
    -Bottom bracket wrench
    -freewheel or cassette tool
    -chain whip
    -pedal wrench
    -cable cutter
    -set of screwdrivers
    -tire levers
    -spoke wrenches
    -Drivetrain cleaning tools
    -Grease gun
    -Patch kit
    -Repair stand
    -Headset wrench if you work on bikes with threaded headsets

    -spare tube
    -patch kit
    -C02 inflator and/or mini pump
    -Multitool (preferably stainless steel)
    -tire levers if not included on your multitool
    -Any other bike specific tools that may be needed for your particular bike to make on the trail/road repairs (e.g. 15 mm wrench for singlespeeds with track nuts)

    For long rides or rides in remote areas, in addition to the above:
    -Additional water or carbon filtration pump
    -First aid, kit including any special need medications like emergency inhaler for asthmatics
    -space blanket
    -Endurolytes or other electrolyte supplement
    -Second spare tube
    -Source of fire (lighter, matches, magnesium fire starter)
    -Flashlight or other artificial source of light
    -Bike lights if night riding
    -Duct tape
    -Zip ties

    Some of the items from the second list may need to be added to the first list in certain circumstances.
    You can never have too many tools. I have a fairly extensive collection, but there are a few that I have yet to accuire...
    -Chris King hub service tool
    -Crown race setter (I've been using a piece of PVC pipe)
    -Santa Cruz VPP bearing press
    -White Ind. ENO crank lockring tool
    Hmmmmmm, I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of for now.