Towing a rider?

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by MaggieMae, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I saw on TV, a mountain biker towing another mountain biker, then today I saw 2 people riding, one being towed using some sort of rope. Are they using this for training, or are they helping out the weaker rider?

    What kind of rope would be best for this? I'm thinking that on longer flat trail rides I could tow my kids at their pace to help lighten the load for them, especially on up hills.

    Where would I attach the rope?
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    Mag, I don't think anyone should be towed while riding a bike, it could be dangerous. I feel if they need to be towed they might want to take up a less strenuous sport like bowling or minature golf, or even browsing the big window at krispy kreme. I like your name Maggies rock. J

  3. water

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    The part of the frame the gooseneck goes through is the best place to tie in, if you tie to the handle bars they will get yanked by the rope and cause them to lose control, or the slack in the rope if you stop will send the rope into their tire getting it wound up... dangerous where else could you tie a rope on? Front forks... still steering issue
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    You could outfit their bikes with electric engines :D