Trail Maintainance is everyones job...

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    Who else does volunteer trail maintenance either formally or casually (just fixing problems you see on your local trails)?

    I've never done "formal" trail work but I have cleaned and maintained both the city-owned greenways and the county owned MTB trails around my [old] house on many occasions.

    Bike loaded up to go shovel mud that a storm had washed across the trail.



    PVC broom rack for sweeping gravel out of a few fo the sharper turns on the trail.


    The blue thing I sewed to hold the head of the push broom while riding.

    I would ask that anyone who is riding along and sees a problem with the trail (be it branches overgrowing the trail, mud washed across the trail, or just litter along side the trail) that you take action to make your cycling infrastructure better for yourself and the community.
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    I do both. If your interested in doing some trail building or maintainence with MORE (Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) Here's a link to our website:
    Here's some photos of a trail that we built in the Frederick Watershed earlier this year:Picasa Web Albums - Scott - Shed trail bu...

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    Nice rig! I can hook you up with IMBA if you want to help officially.