Training for an MS 150

Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by jeepster93, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. jeepster93

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    I am thinking of riding a MS 150 in Wisconsin next summer.
    It is a 2 day event. So about 75 miles a day.

    How would I train for this?
    I am just unable to spend several hours a day in the saddle.
    Could do a long ride on a weekend, but weekdays not so much.
    Could I run during the week as a cross tain and do me good?

    I run endurance races(1/2 and full marathons(mostly 1/2's)), so I can spend a few hours doing high output.

    I KNOW the best way to train is ride. Saddle time.

    I also got a pair of those Gel filled riding shorts. I like the "feel" of them, but they make my bum sweat.
    What is a good pair of long saddle time riding shorts?
  2. Xela

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    How much are you looking to spend? I am routinely riding 5 to 6 hours now, and the Assos Mille's have literally saved my butt! Combine those shorts with some of their chamois cream, and the rest of your body will be in pain long before your bum. But, as with everything branded Assos, they are expensive.

  3. whyeyebike

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    First off, good luck in your training.

    To address your first question about how to train...I have ridden the Rhode Island MS 150 for the last several years, and I remember what it felt like leading up to that first year. I had no idea how to train. What I thought worked well was trying to get my endurance up when I couldn't ride long distances. I can find it very hard to get out on the road during the week, leaving only weekends for longer rides. So what I would do is train hard for an hour or maybe even shorter a few times a week. This got the cardio going. Now when it came time for the longer weekend rides, I toned down the speed and stretched out the ride. I found that the only thing hanging me up after that was "saddle time". You have to get those "sit bones" used to long times in the saddle. Now I am not saying you need to do consistent 70 mile rides, but gradually build up if you can (if time allows). One thing you will find with the MS150 rides is that there are so many people riding in your similar position. Take your time and enjoy the with the people around you and you will find that mileage passes quickly. And the pain is temporary!!!!!
  4. jeepster93

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    Looked at a few training plans and am...intimidated.
    I've trained for and ran marathons and the plan for this is real close to that in time and commitment required.
    It will also require me to start in not so much biking weather, here in Denver. My nose runs on a cold ride.

    I'm thinking...
    I can do it!