Travelling with our hyrbrids!

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by jwl325, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Hi everyone, just wanted to drop in on the new forum.

    We've been spending a lot of time of late on road bikes, as we've just entered that style of cycling, but we're about to spend a nice long weekend with our hybrids.

    My wife's got a conference over in the FL panhandle this week, so we're going to take our bikes (7.3FX, 7200WSD) over and do some riding/exploring.

    Just got my 7.3 back from the shop following a tuneup and addition of some Shimano 424s.

  2. Skidmark

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    Sounds like a fun weekend. Hybrids are perfect for that type of riding in MHO. Especially the social aspect as you can ride, chat, enjoy the view sort of thing. My wife just got a cool rack put on the back of her's. You can slide in this additional bag that folds out each side if desired like saddle bags.