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    lowracer1: My father has a large collection of old fight films on DVD. When he was around I enjoyed watching all the great heavyweights and middleweights even though I've never seen a boxing match in person. What I most remember from the films is the way American Don King promoted his events. He was over the top to the point of attracting viewers who otherwise might not pay for a boxing match on their cable TV. He knew how to sell an event.

    I propose some person unattached to cycling put on an outdoor (no track) time trial for all comers and all bike types of 35 miles. The only rule being no fairings of any kind. You can use disc wheels front and back if you think you can handle them in the cross winds. I would put no other restriction save for fairings. The 35 mile distance would represent a distance that if run in an hour or less would equate to 35mph or better. I would choose a flat course to make it as competitive as possible and to assure a fast time. This 35mph has not been done outside (or inside) with a non-faired bike to the best of my knowledge. It would be the Ultimate Hour.

    What might make this event go is the prize money. Somehow figure out a way for equipment makers or TV executives or altruists interested in sport to put up a million dollars to the winner. Have very good payouts going all the way down to 30th place to attract riders from around the world and to make it worth their while to travel to the race. Maybe offer a premium for breaking an hour. (not sure this is possible) Have this race in Southern California or somewhere around the South of France or Italy or Spain to assure good weather. And do it in the winter off season when temperatures are lower. This would be easier on the riders and make it more apt for them to ride their fastest times.

    I would keep current governing bodies of cycling out of this event. I happen to believe, as you do (lowracer1), that many of the powers-that-be are afraid to chance having their sacred diamond frames shown-up. I have no doubt this would cause friction and embarrassment for some were a bent to win. Of this I do not care. A non-cycling promoter would carry no such baggage. In fact this is what would spur the event: Recumbent vs. Diamond Frame. Like Ali vs. Frazier. The huge prize money would attract every decent rider with a sense of sport or guts in him (or her - have a ladies class, too). I think it would be a grand thing to follow or to participate in. It sure would get me to travel. Cycling magazines (which I hate) would have a field day. (now I'd love them) The promotion would be very easy and would catch fire as internet chatter heated up and egos got rubbed raw.

    Something like this might attract thousands. You would have to have some way of whittling down the field. Maybe have 2 mile heats in the days before and only except riders who can crack 30mph for that short distance. (4 minutes) You would not want to make riders do a full time trial before the main event. It would sap them. A short 2 mile heat would quickly tell you who was halfway decent and not a slogger. Then on race day send bikes off at 30 second intervals. You can get a lot of bikes on a course in several hours time. Best time wins regardless of frame type.

    Maybe get Indy Hack to interview DF riders and Recumbent riders before the race. Have him be like Howard Cossel. We could abuse him and knock his toupee off in a scrum. All on live TV. It could be sweet.
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    We have a lot of flat country in Denmark for such an event. Northern Germany and the Netherlands are also good venues. I certainly would support it in any way I can! :thumbsup: