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Hi all:

I've been given the task to assist someone in putting the rear wheel onto a 1995 Univega Rover 301 - I guess it uses
a Joytech hub? Not sure about that perhaps it does.

I'm attaching two pics as I think that the left side of the hub has a nut (the silver outer nut) stuck onto the axle. The
nut will not turn - but it looks like an OUTER nut.

So my big question is - is it an INNER nut or OUTER? The frame has to splay out to accomodate that nut which makes
me think that the person putting the wheel on is confused.

So who is confused - me or the person? You can see from the pics that the wheel is not on the frame - it is hanging below it.
?Any help appreciated as I have no clue why there would be 3 consecutive nuts - and does the outer nut turn counterclockwise to loosen?


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It appears you may have some pieces missing: the silver nut in pic #1 does indeed appear to be intended to secure that side of the wheel to the frame. The 'outer nut' as you put it. As pictured, however, it appears to have been used as an improvised lock nut against the cone just beneath it. The pic is a bit hard to make out, but I think that's what's going on. If so, it is far from ideal as the silver nut is too thick to be used as a lock nut.

Sheldon Brown's site has a nice illustration of how the whole thing should look here, under 'Cone'. If so, you should be able to find the missing parts at a local bike shop or online. I would not expect the cost to be high, but cannot guarantee that.

Another option would be to see if there is a bicycle co-op in your area. This is like a bike shop only you do the work using their tools. Expert guidance is usually available, as are spare parts. If your area offers any such shops, they could be a fast and inexpensive way to get the right parts sourced and on the bike.

However you end up handling it, best of luck getting that bike back on the road!
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