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Hi !

I ride a Btwin forme 1/ fitness 1
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I plan to upgrade the rear derailleur and shifters. Since I am ordering from Jenson Usa, I had shortlisted some derailleurs and a shifter.
I would be thankful if you’ll could go through my choices and short list the compatible mech. Since i could not find any rear derailleur matching my sram3 grip shift, I have to upgrade the shifters as well.

Shifter :
Sram TRX Trigger Shifter Set at

Rear Derailleurs
Shimano LX M581 Rear Derailleur at

Sram X.5 Rear Derailleur at

Shimano Altus M310 7/8 Speed Rear Der at

Shimano Alivio M410 Rear Derailleur at

I would certainly be open to more suggestions .
Some more queries :
I wish to upgrade the front derailleur as well, what are the points one should bear in mind before purchasing ?

Your Advice
The bike is brand new , do you’ll feel that an upgrade is required. I am aware that its my choice, but the gear system provided with the bike is really outdated. I really value your opinion and advice..


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I think I would put some miles on it befor I made any changes, you might find that you want a different style bike by then maybe a road bike. when I say miles I mean like 2 or 3,000.
My .02
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