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I've finally got my commute worked out and after a couple of times getting lost (I'm bad with directions) I can now comfortably get to work with little to no issues. I'm coming from a cycling city full of irrate drivers to a cycling town full of irrate drivers. Here's a couple of things I've noticed.

People in towns do not know how to pass you. The further out in the country you are the more of a mystery it becomes.

I have yet to be yelled at. People seem to be politer. That's nice.

In a town people will wave me through, not that I go, their over courteousness does not show them what I see.

More retired people say hello. I'm not an abrasive looking individual, but I guess the city makes you less social. I wave a lot in the mornings.

No buses, but the cart system, cart drivers are worse than buses. They're mobility makes them unpredictable and it seems they do not come equipped with functioning blinkers.

People here where more clothes when on the road. In Austin you see a lot of packs that you know are jammed with clothes, people here seem to either not carry stuff, or if they are they are clearly students.

Also in Austin people like to cycle in thongs and what not, the only problem there is it's old men, but I'm thinking about bringing a piece of home with me. We'll see....
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