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Do you have experience of this trip? I'm considering riding C2C either later this year or 2011. I'd be pleased for advice and information relating to best way to do it, best time of year, type of accommodation, distance/day and some idea of costs. I have relatives in NJ so a start in the East may be preferable.

I'm quite prepared to consider any suggestions and look forward to hearing from all you C2C Vets!

Thanks folks,


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I have done it... Bicycle Touring: Miller Family Bike Ride, by Mike Miller

that ride was supported... and I just (this fall) did a 1649 mile west coast ride (Seattle to San Diego) Bicycle Touring: Pacific Coast -- Seattle to San Diego, by Mike Miller
which was unsupported.

Go WEST to East -- the prevailing winds will help you instead of be in your face

travel light --be prepared mentally for some tough days *you can do it - it is just not easy*

do not schedule too many miles per day -so that you can see the country and enjoy the fabric it is made from

buy Bag Balm for your back side ( | ) it is the best butt stuff out there and inexpensive

go to Crazy Guy on a bike and read journals from others who have done it Bicycle Touring: Journals by Category: Routes / North America / United States

enjoy the planning it is fun to do....

Good Luck.

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I know this is a couple months old, but keep us posted on what you finally decide... I would be interested in seeing your progress with the planning and execution of your ride!

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I went from Jersey shore to Cal. shore and back to Jersey on a motorcycle and I thaught that going E to W was easer because of the houre you gain each time zone. but what mikebike said about the wind makes good sence as the wind is verry strong some times . And I am sure it will take you more than 4 1/2 days to get from coast to coast E to W, 5 days W to E.
My .02
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