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I have done it... Bicycle Touring: Miller Family Bike Ride, by Mike Miller

that ride was supported... and I just (this fall) did a 1649 mile west coast ride (Seattle to San Diego) Bicycle Touring: Pacific Coast -- Seattle to San Diego, by Mike Miller
which was unsupported.

Go WEST to East -- the prevailing winds will help you instead of be in your face

travel light --be prepared mentally for some tough days *you can do it - it is just not easy*

do not schedule too many miles per day -so that you can see the country and enjoy the fabric it is made from

buy Bag Balm for your back side ( | ) it is the best butt stuff out there and inexpensive

go to Crazy Guy on a bike and read journals from others who have done it Bicycle Touring: Journals by Category: Routes / North America / United States

enjoy the planning it is fun to do....

Good Luck.
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