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Hi Everyone!

I would like to share with you an event I took part in last month (just cheering, not cycling unfortunately).
I live in Israel and last month at the Dead sea area has been held VEOLIA DESERT CHALLENGE 2010.
The event included a cycling and running parts.
Let me tell you about the Saturday morning cycling event in which my husband participated.
At 7 AM Saturday morning, the biggest mountain bike marathon in the country started , with approximately 1200 riders. First to launch was the quality competitive category – full marathon riders who rode the full 43 mile route in a perfect weather. 95 Riders took part of this section – another new record in the Desert challenge events.
15 minutes later – the second medium marathon category started their ride of 28.5 miles. This was the largest section, counting 700 cyclists which were parted to 4 separate launches, my husband was in the last one. Last, but not least – was the colorful light marathon category who rode the distance of 14 miles.
It was not easy for him, but my husband looked very happy crossing the finishing line.
At noon – podium ceremonies started to take place, but we didn't stay for this part, and preferred to go back home, because my husband was too tired to listen to all that talking. But I'm sure he is not going to miss the upcoming Ein Gedi race (lazy me, I'm almost ashamed that I'm only the “cheerleader” :)).


P.S The Dead sea itself has been chosen as one of the 28 finalists in the new7wonders campaign, you can support Dead sea nomination by voting on the website or the facebook group!
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