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Two skinny J's
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Not riding much but sure as hell busy with everything else!

Spin Spin Spin
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Pics are nice but understand the challenges to make them happen.....interrupts the riding part.

Old, fat, and slow
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I have been struggling to ride and all my rides are short and boring---to describe. I don't bring my camera much because who wants to stop, when finally, they got out and got onto the bike? And besides, I tend to ride the same boring route every time---boring to shoot or describe.

I have been looking at joining some group rides, but the only groups slow enough for walking-speed riders are more than an hour's drive away. The amount of planning and the amount of sheer luck needed to get that many hours free and actually be ready to ride .... hasn't happened so far.

So I guess i could start a "How far didn't I ride today?" thread .......
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