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    I am considering one of these, as I am looking for a wireless computer with all three main features. Heart rate, speed, and cadence.

    If I was to purchase extra speed and cadence sensors for another bike, how do you set up to use the same computer for two bikes? Aren't the codes different? I assume there is a channel setting for two bikes and for different sensors? How many of you have done this?
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    If you buy the sensors from VETTA, they will be compatible. The V100HR WL2X hasa dual bike memory. You can set it up to work on two bikes. It will remember all the set up informations for two bikes (i.e., wheel circumference, etc.)

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    I got one of them for X-Mass and my new bike came in yesterday so soon I will put it on maybe today as it is snowing, it has lots of instructions with it. I still had to look on there web site to find out how to hook up the cadence.

    Up date I got it all instaled and working. I had to wet the pads for the hart rate to get a reading, on the cadence I get a signal when the crank passes the transponder but I thing I nead more than 1 revealution to get a reading that I am not getting .
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