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Vintage Flying Dutchman Bike - need identification & value

I have a vintage bicycle that I don’t know much about, other than it’s old! :) Looking for some expertise to advise of date, manufacturer and any info about possible value. Here are the details I have:

Women’s 3-pipe frame single-speed coaster brake bike
Tank has Flying Dutchman label
Down tube has “Cruiser” label
Seat tube, Chain guard has Flying Dutchman label
Badge has Flying Dutchman label/logo
Rear coaster brake hub is Centrix JRB 009 Gottschalk Made in Germany West
Front hub is Renak 60 (heard this may be a date ref: 1960)
No markings about manufacturer, age or country of origin

Series of photos can be found on Flickr:

Would appreciate all insight, guesses, hints or other websites that may have further info. Thanks!
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