Vintage three speed Bicycles

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by BroFig, Aug 12, 2009.

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    I have several bikes from years past. and would like to sell them to someone who will appreciate them.

    #1 is a Hercules woman's three speed bike with sturmey archer 3 speed and is in good shape...original tyres, needs tyres.

    #2 Savoy - english made Men's three speed has suntour 3-speed.

    these have been in storage, are late 1950's or 1960, dirty etc.

    1- should I clean them up ( some say let the buyer clean them up?)
    2 - should I fix them up? put on new tires etc. before I sell.
    3. - how is the best way to know what a fair price would be for each of them.
    4. I can e-mail pic's to anyone who is interested.

    I think the Hercules is probably worth more, has more accessories like light, bell, streamers on handlebar grips etc.

    any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

    does anyone know of a better site for english three speed bicycles?

    thank you in advance,

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    Clean is good. Personally, I wouldn't replace any original parts, other than tubes and cables. For pricing, you could search ebay's completed listings for a very rough idea. Or put them on Craigslist for a really high price, and see what kind of lowball offers you get. They're generally only worth what someone is willing to pay. To me, maybe no more than $50 each, but to the guy who had one as a kid, perhaps a lot more.