Want a Hard Road Race?

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by rsiddoway, May 20, 2010.

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    The Tour de Park City called by some the most difficult single day road race in America is on July 31, 2010 near Park City Utah.

    The race is a 150 mile circle starting and finishing in the same spot. The beautiful course takes riders up and over a mountain pass at nearly 11,000ft in elevation.

    Support in this race is unmatched. Feed bags are given to every racing cyclist at three points in the race. The rest of the feed stations are hand-ups of race friendly food and drinks.

    Race is limited to 600 riders. Find info at Tour de Park City

    Riders can also ride the same course as a casual tour if there is such a thing.

    Are you up to the Challenge???
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    I;ve never heard the term feed bag off of a farm. What's in a cyclists feed bag?

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    Here is a similar creation of painfulness in Austin. Less organized but happens every year. This year I am going to plan for the first lap only...

    Tour Das Hugel