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    So I've made the (in my wife's eyes idiotic) decision to ride the Pan Mass Challenge again this year.

    Background for those not in the know:

    The PMC is a two day, 180+ mile ride across the south eastern section of Massachusetts out onto Cape Cod in the name of charity.
    It starts in Sturbridge (not far from where I grew up) and meanders its way to Bourne on day 1 (111 hilly miles) Strava Day 1. Day 2 starts in Bourne, crosses the Bourne bridge at sunrise and winds its way along paths and open roads all the way out to Provincetown. Strava said 77 miles last year, but they bill the whole ride as 192, so I think the math is off somewhere. Strava Day 2

    That's the physical part of the whole thing. Now for what the PMC does.

    Last year, it raised $48 million dollars for the Jimmy Fund. The Jimmy Fund is the charity organization that helps fund a large part of the research done at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

    DFCI is one of the world's leading institutes in cancer care and research.

    To say this ride is important is a bit of an understatement. To put it into perspective.
    • Last year there were 6,200 riders and 4,000 volunteers to help support the massive undertaking that it is.
    • 40 states and 7 countries were represented.
    • 200+ different companies provided $5+M in products and services to support the ride.
    • It raised $48M for the Jimmy Fund

    That's some basic numbers... but those don't really tell the story. The true impact is told by the untold thousands of local residents whose lives have been impacted by cancer. People will literally line the streets along the route with signs honoring loved ones lost or surviving because of the work done at DFCI. They'll spend their day outside handing out water (or in some cases beer), cheering on riders as they past (and in one case, letting a rider in distress use their restroom). It's amazing how supportive the community at large is of this ride. Thousands of people were along the route last year. Sometimes literally the whole town will come out and line the route.

    All that being laid out there, last year I did the ride and raised close to $4600. A few folks from here chipped in, and I'm hoping maybe they and a few others might donate again. :eek:

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