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First, please understand that this is a private forum. While that means it's viewable only by invited members, it also means that anything posted within should not be discussed outside of here. The purpose of The Tavern is to give members a place to post things that they might not want to discuss on a public forum, or might not be comfortable sharing with strangers. That can be anything from how much you hate your boss, to personal issues, to sharing a questionable joke you heard recently.

It is not a place to make inappropriate comments about religion, ethnic groups, cultures, or sexual preferences. Nor will blatantly offensive comments or images be tolerated. No bashing other members, whether they post in The Tavern on not.

That's not to say we're going to be completely strict. If you are posting something with questionable content, please label it NSFW (not suitable for work) at the beginning of the title. That will hopefully prevent anyone from opening something inappropriate for their workplace while at work, and those members that don't share your sense of humor will know to avoid it completely.

While we don't expect any issues, anyone that repeatedly shares material that is in really poor taste will get a warning or two, then get shown the door. Anyone who cannot respect other members is not likely to get a second chance though. Most of all, we want this to be another fun hangout.
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