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We're Cycle Now!

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Hello everyone! My name is Rick Owens and I host a weekly cycling show at -. I cover everything cycling and would love to have your videos, set up a Skype interview, or just post pictures that you send for the viewers to see. We are currently worldwide and have no boundries because the internet is amazing! We currently have an interview with Darren Alff of up. Darren is doing an 8 month ride through Europe and we were able to get him on Skype to tell us about the journey.

I invite each and every cyclist (road, mountain, bmx, unicycle, whatever,) to join me each week and watch the show, tell your friends, and be a part of this great event. We're not all Tour riders, but we all share the love of the bike and THAT is what Cycle Now is all about.

Come see us and feel free to leave comments and follow us on Twitter!


Rick Owens (CycleNow) on Twitter

Thanks so much!
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Great to have you here! I am going to check out your website after I leave here!
Glad you joined. Your links show up as - though?
wow.... I feel like I am in the midst of a celebrity... like the Velo version of Joan Rivers or Jay Leno, or something like that.

Thanks for the invite, I'm gonna go there as soon as I leave here. It'll be on my favorites!!!!!
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