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    I used to bike years ago and loved it. I have always bought cheap mountain bikes from Walmart or somewhere like that. I want to get back into biking because its fun and I need the exercise. I will be on pavement and some paths and the guy at the bike store recommended the trek shift. Anyone use this? What do you think?
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    You should not buy cheap bikes at all if you are a professional! You can discuss with any professional Cyclist, like Joe Tonon.
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  3. reklisammy

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    Are you saying this trek model is a cheap bike?
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    No idea what Joe is talking about.

    The shift looks to be an entry level bike geared towards people who want to get into riding. As I've been preaching all over the site, it's not the bike, but how it fits you. For your level of riding and the type of riding you want to do I would say it's not a bad bike. Make sure to try riding the bike in the size you want to buy, and have the shop do at least a quick fitting after you purchase.
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    Trek does not make cheap bikes. They do have some less expensive models, as well as some pretty pricey ones. That model is made for comfortable, recreational cycling. If this is what you're seeking, then the bike will do fine. You might also consider their fitness line (FX series) as an option. I would recommend going to a dedicated bicycle shop to purchase a bike rather than Walmart or similar options. My reasoning for this is that the people at bike shops will likely have more knowledge about fitting you to the right bike. In any case, make sure that you ride a few different bikes to find what suits your intentions and find a bike that fits you.
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    Yep, not sure what Joe is talking about at all! The Shift is an entry level bike that will last you for years if you take care of it. What it boils down to is what you are going to try and do with it. The best thing that you can do is find a local shop and go ride a few to see what you like. I would stay away from Walmart type bikes, but it sounds like you are already looking past that.
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    The Shift is a nice comfort bike but to be honest it's a bike that you will "out grow" quickly, I say this from experiance as I started out with a "comfort bike", (Fuji Monterey 1.0), it was ok but it left me wanting.

    I'd recommend a Trek 7.1 FX, this is a nice "700C wheeled, thinner tire hybrid", that will do what you want but you won't out grow it asap, if you decide you want to get a bit more adventureous with your riding.

    700C wheels and thinner tires make pavement trail riding a joy and will still handle a "hard pack dirt or limestone rail trail". This bike is in the same price range as the Shift, as stated by others go to your LBS and RIDE different types and brands if possible and find the bike that FITS and CALLS to YOU!! :)
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    Thanks for all the input! With all this said is their another bike brand you would recommend other than trek? Try keeping the trek shift and Fx in mind and their price range. Thanks!
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    You can try Giant, Fuji, Jamis, Surley and even Schwinn (from a bike shop and not from WalMart or Target) along with a bunch of other manufacturers that make hybrid and/or mountain bikes that are comparable in price, quality and components. Try not to get too hung up on brand names since all of the bikes that you will be looking at will most likely be made by one or two manufactures in Taiwan or China. That will hold true until you start looking at bikes in the 8K+ price range.
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    And don't be afraid of other tire sizes too. I don't own one 700c bike and I ride a fair amount. I looked at the entry level trek and giant bikes but I don't like those thin tires so I took a hybrid with 26x1.9 tires and changed the bars and shifters to make what I wanted.

    I like the wider tires because I don't have great roads and bike trails here. The thin 27x1.25 on my road bike were going flat ever other week (it seemed like) an my hybrid hasn't gone flat in 3 or 4 years so I bought some used stuff on eBay and built a bike that fit me for cheap. I love it and ride it on 20-30 mile rides, ride it on trails with my youngest son, and ride it in a bowl at a skatepark.

    It's an old school specialized expedition sport from 2000.