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What Can YOU BunnyHop?

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What is the tallest thing that you can personally bunnyhop over?

I have seen a guy bunnyhop a 3 foot tall trashcan

I could probably hop a bucket with a light enough bike
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When it comes to jumping up onto something, I can hop roughly 3ft high. Jumping just right over something is more difficult and a lot more intimidating. Going over stuff, I can only hit about 18 inches or so. Even that is sketchy. I have seen a couple high jump competitions that got to nearly 4 ft.
Back in the day we used to bake a bunnyhop bar just to answer this question. It was kind of like a limbo stick in reverse. Nail 2 2x4's to some bases and put nails at one inch spacings all the way up put a thin dowle rod across and practice if you hit the bar it just falls off and you can try again my personal best was 38".
I used a 3 foot trash can where we wouldn't bunny hop over but ice pick the rim
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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