What do you wear while you're biking?

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by FloRider, May 6, 2009.

  1. FloRider

    FloRider Guest

    I'm not really into the whole spandex thing, but I don't want to just wear jeans/khaki's as they tend to be uncomfortable to ride in. Anyone have a compromise? Any favorite brands of clothing or anything?

    your help is appreciated...thanks in advance.
  2. SteveM

    SteveM New Member

    I doubt it will be of any help - I normally wear a pair of cargo shorts and a tee shirt with the sleeves cut off.

  3. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Ya I usually wear just my normal clothes since im usually riding somewhere that requires normal clothes. If its cold I have a set of half gloves I put on.
  4. chefmike

    chefmike New Member

    I have a pair of what were described as mountain bike shorts: They are a normal looking pair of shorts (almost cargo style), with a liner and padding built in. They work great , look normal, and keep you doing more miles.

    Alternately, wear your bike shorts under a pair of regular shorts...

    I usually just wear the spandex when I am riding. I don't really care. I have a pair of bib shorts (like what wrestlers wear, two shoulder straps on the shorts) that are my favorite. They just fit really well, and it takes the pressure of my hips.
  5. vethial

    vethial New Member

    Fox has allot of shorts that do not appear spandexy. On the trail you really want the padding. Fox has the look of regular shorts bt the comfort of the padding and spandex underlining. I love wearing thier gear.
  6. Naturegirl

    Naturegirl New Member

    I usually just wear whatever's comfortable, nothing too tight but otherwise anything goes.
  7. BigDumbBear

    BigDumbBear New Member

    I have a pearl izumi jersey that is basicly a loose fitting t-shirt with good airflow and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry. I also have a couple pairs of the mt. bike shorts with the padded liner and a cargo-short type of cover. My favorite of the shorts I have is the HOSS brand. That'll keep you looking less like a biker and more like a normal guy riding a bike for the places where there are plenty of people around. I will say that even the mt. bike style shorts are somewhat restricting but not nearly as bad as regular khaki or jeans would be.
  8. jeepwithnoname

    jeepwithnoname New Member

    Shimano shoes... fox gloves... that's about it. Really... that's all. Nothing like the wind in your junk, ya know.

  9. riderman14

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    i used to wear all those fancy schamancy biking cloths when i was young,but now i find out that for shirts,you cant beat those cheap 9 dollar Starter self wicking "underarmour" knockoffs!!!they come with sleeves and no sleeves.all work real well and they are really comfortable!i buy mine at Wal-mart.for shorts,since i ride ALOT,my ass dosent get sore any more,no matter how far,and long i ride.so i start with some BIKE brand baseball sliding shorts and top them with a pair of nylon soccer shorts.i find that they are extra comfortable,and they last forever!now shoes?i'm sure i'll get some ribbing on this one but here goes!i'm old school,all i do is tour and commute now.no more raceing.so i prefer the cage pedals to the clip on shoes.i've searched long and hard and have tried alot of shoes.it's hard for me caue my feet are size 13's.i have found that "wrestling shoes" are the bomb!!i bought a pair of Asics Matflex wrestling shoes and i'll never go back to anything else! there flexable,really comfortable,cool,and actually wear very well.so dont knock it till you try it!! also, i have the coolist pair of sunglasses in the world! that completes it! ride on
  10. Xterrain

    Xterrain New Member

    I wear ALL Fox gear, but 661 gloves. FOX's shorts are ultra comfortable and most of them have removable padded shorts on the inside. My dresser has about 8 pair folded up right now and I wear them without the padding almost everyday. Depending on the ride length and the temperature and terrain I usually wear just a t-shirt and my camelbak, but if it calls for it I'll wear one of my FOX jerseys. I ALWAYS wear my FOX Flux helmet unless I am downhilling and I wear my FOX Rampage full face. If I am downhilling or heavy freeriding I'll wear the rest of my armor; Fox Launch Knee/Shins and Elbow/Forearm protectors. I only wear a pressure suit if I am up in the rockies on the lift assisted big mountain DH. Because of my style I always wear flat mtb shoes from either 661 or Globe. Goggles are always on in DH as well.

    I used to wear Fox gloves (still have a couple pairs) but I LOVE my 661 Raji gloves!
  11. hophead

    hophead New Member Tavern Member

    I wear both the baggy Fox shorts and Pearl Izumi spandex shorts. The baggys are more comfy for shorter rides and don't squish your junk. For racing and looooong rides, the spandex stuff works better.

    I wear all kinds of jerseys. I picked up a couple of really nice loose fitting Fox jerseys on Chainlove a few months ago for around 12 bucks each. I've been wearing those in the hot weather. Once it gets cool (under 80) I wear mostly wool jerseys.

    I rotate my gloves, but my favorites are Fox dirt paws.

    Shoes are usually Specialized Pro Carbon mtn shoes. I also have a pair of Sidi Dominator 5's. The Sidis are very comfortable and flexy, but but hurt my feet on long rides. I have Eggbeaters on most of my bikes, so the stiff carbon soles of the Specilized work best for me.

    On my town bike, I just wear street clothes & shoes. For road riding and mtn biking, cycling specific clothing works best.