What got you into cycling?

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by gwen, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. gwen

    gwen Guest

    I would like to know what got you to put down your car keys and pick up a bike?

    For me, I first stated riding to stay in shape and then naturally I fell in love. Then I decided to start riding my bike when I can in order to reduce gasoline and car use. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint.
  2. Doc

    Doc Guest

    For me it was a way of transportation when I was younger and it just carried over to when I grew up and continues to be with me today.

  3. Gallagher9

    Gallagher9 Guest

    Is it still one of your main forms of transportation?

    It's just always been a hobby of mine since I first learned how to ride my first trike!
  4. BigDumbBear

    BigDumbBear New Member

    I ride because I enjoy it. I enjoy nearly every type of cycling... be it road, time trial, cross country, Mt. bike, downhill, bmx racing or freestyle. I don't do them all on a regular basis, but I have dabbled with nearly everything. The most enjoyable riding I have done lately is on my single speed road bike. It's so peaceful and simple that you feel completely connected to the bike. If you get the chance to ride though town at 3am with a full belly and a couple beers in ya, I believe you'll understand. I'd love to help spread the cycling sport and increase my town's tolerance and use of bicycles.
  5. riderman14

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    way to cool

    big dumb bear,your way too cool!!!you hit the nail on the head!couldent have explained it any better than you did!!that 3am thing and one with the bike is the only way to go.dude,i do understand! many times i've been on a long ride and before i know it,i'm some50-60 miles down the road and dont even realize it.one can just get in a zone!!!!1= ride on
  6. JostRider

    JostRider New Member

    I started riding (as an adult) just to clear my brain and feel like a child again. Riding is such a freeing experience. What is just around the next corner, or over the next hill? Keep pedalling and find out. Oh what fun.
  7. bantam700

    bantam700 New Member

    Rode as a kid for transportation and fun, then started riding as an adult for exercise. Now I ride for the fun of it, the health benefits, and for clearing out my head.
  8. Xela

    Xela New Member Tavern Member

    Great response! Nothing like going out and hammering on the bike to make you forget about the stresses of the day.
  9. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Great post. I gotta get a single speed.

    I was a long time runner, but that wears you down where a bike invigorates you. A friend let me ride a bike he wanted to sell in the late 80's, and I bought it that day. In a year or two I up-graded many of the comps to Shimano 105, and rode the sht out of that bike. I had only a bike, and a motorcycle for a while, but am a contributing member of the borg these days. I ride my 9 yr old CannondaleR2000, and love it.
  10. Stinkfist

    Stinkfist Guest

    My dad enjoyed riding his bike every much. He used to try and get my mom to like it as well. We would ride around the neighborhood each evening. It was lots of fun. I've always loved cycling and want to pass it on to my kiddos. They already love riding their trikes!
  11. TxCyclist

    TxCyclist Administrator Staff Member Admin Staff

    Rode as a children like most then picked it up back as a way of commuting, exercise and just pure enjoyment. I rarely drive to work anymore and not dealing with a car and all the trappings of it is great.
  12. whyeyebike

    whyeyebike New Member

    When I was a kid it was about transportaton....then I turned 16 and I put the bike down in order to drive the car because thats what adults do; right? When I went to school in Boston, I bought a MTB in order to commute to work and school and also be able to hit the trails. I then became more conscience about my fitness and realized quickly that cycling was my favorite form of excercise. Now I find riding is for fun, excercise, stress management and a way for me to get out and be alone with my thoughts. I find I get a lot of good "thinking" done when I am on a ride. There is a great freedom experienced when you ride a bike, road, mtb, tt, etc....

    Ride On!!!!
  13. CTD50

    CTD50 DX's Biggest Member

    Grew up on bikes; my last one as a young adult was a 10-spd Schwinn, fell in love with the rush of riding for a purpose (commuting). Fell out of love with it when the mad rush for the car came over me.

    Found the love all over again in my late 30's, and gradually weaned myself away from the car. Now I'm 5 years car-free and loving it!
  14. wild

    wild Yesterday tired old man, Today retired old man

    Well my Hart DR said walk or els so I walked 2 miles every day for 4 years then came the spur in my foot the Foot DR said don't walk on the spur. So I took the old bike out and dusted it off rode it for a year, then I realy started liking the ride now I look foward to the ride. New bike 6/25/09 now 960miles 9-24-09
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  15. funetical

    funetical Slowin it up.

    I hate to quote movies but, " I wan't to look good naked."
  16. mtndoc

    mtndoc New Member

    Dad had a bike shop, I was 6, so car keys weren't really an issue... recently I quit running and came back to bikes, a LOT easier on the body, also when you run it sucks goin up hill, but hurts more doing down, on a bike the down part is WAY cool:thumbsup:

    but like funetical says, it does help the physique, wife likes it:eek:

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  17. bohunker

    bohunker Guest

    In 1997 I did my first Tri - had to bike on the tri, so starting riding a mt bike with slicks. Did a few tris. Trained for a marathon in 1999 found out that I had a hip disease when I was younger (legg-perthes), left leg now 1 inch shorter than right. :mad:

    Running was out riding was in. Rode a centuron for a few years, until a guy gave me a lemond zurich. Raised money for the leukemia society, did 100 mile ride around Lake Tahoe. - Been hooked ever sense.
    Now my two boys (12 and 9) ride with me.
    Would rather ride than do just about anything: clears the mind, stress reliever, get to go fast under my own power, meet lots of awesome folks, see things I would never see, etc.:D
  18. Roadrunner

    Roadrunner New Member

    I used to cycle a lot as a kid and cycled on a off ever since. I really got started with the road bike a couple of years ago, trying to get a bit fitter. Recently I've started go get a bit keener. I suffer from depression and it really helps to get out when I'm down. I always feel a lot better by the time I get home.
  19. boxhill

    boxhill New Member

    This about sums it up. :cool:
  20. CycleViking

    CycleViking Member

    How did cycling become so important for to me...

    I got myself an MTB to commute to work some 6-7 years ago. Then I also re-discovered how FUN it is to ride a bike.
    I've always struggled to find motivation to stay healthy before that purchase, but after that it's been easier. I certainly didn't turn athletic overnight, but in small increments. First, I found colleagues and neighbors who wanted to have occasional bike trips, and then a lot of us signed up for a major MTB race in Norway. This called for a more planned cycling schedule.
    When my bike (that was a cheap no-name MTB with poor equipment) broke down during this race, I decided to buy a road racer to replace it.
    I used this bike mostly for the joy of group- and solo rides, but no races. Last summer, that changed. I was challenged to sign up for a local road race of 210 km from the coast and up in the Norwegian mountains, and I took the challenge. Before this challenge, I would normally take my bike out of the garage around April/May, and have no training done since September. But since this race is at the end of May, I suddenly had to find a way to stay in shape over the winter. So I joined a local cycling club, and followed their schedule for indoor training after season end in 2008.
    Suddenly, I came to know a lot of people who shared my passion for everything related to cycling. This made it far easier for me to endure spinning and gym (I have always detested it...).
    At the same time, I've come to appreciate the efforts of Pro cyclists even more, because I feel I can somewhat imagine their pain and joy more on a personal level.

    So this got me into cycling, but here's what keeping me:
    1) I can't imagine any other ways of staying fit that appeals to me
    2) I wouldn't have half the number of friends that I have now
    3) I can't imagine a better way to enjoy the Norwegian nature
    4) I love the combination of team feeling and individuality when racing and training with my club or with my friends
    5) I get to know the most obscure little roads in my neighborhood, and not even my wife that - as opposed to me - is born and raised here can find more nice picnic spots ;)
    6) I managed to quit smoking due to an urge to become a better cyclist, and I know I'll fall right down to smoking again if I can't be a cyclist :eek:

    Have to add in the end: Is there really any sounds more beautiful than...
    A) The sound of a starting field simultaneously clicking their shoes into their pedals, or
    B) The sound of a hundred wheels rolling over the road in 40 km/h?
    I don't think so :)
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