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The trailer's landing gear may or may not end up working out for this application. I thought the gear was already adjusted for the largest possible wheel, but may have that wrong. Still need a road test, but it pulled nicely around the back yard despite the remaining snow.

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Having finally succeeded at what should have been the relatively simple task of attaching Chip's trailer to my new fat bike, I went ahead and swapped the red water bottle cages for some purple ones. Burley's choice to eliminate the option of a QR skewer for compatible rides mean that this trailer is no longer compatible with bikes using QR skewers.

That is why I would also recommend against buying one of these despite the fact that I love the trailer itself. It seems to me that Burley put all their budget into engineering the trailer and only assigned some interns to slap together the bike-side hardware at the last second. To whit: having found the proper length thru-axle, I am now obligated to carry not one but a pair of open ended 17mm wrenches. The new axle is also much heavier than the one it replaces. I don't usually complain or care much about weight, but this is just silly and there's no reason for it.

Burley's recalled QR skewers were fiddly and difficult to properly tighten, but mine gave me no trouble at all past that. Not until they were all recalled for safety reasons. The replacement is significantly heavier, requires the use of tools to install and remove, and includes fiddly bits which lead me to question its effectiveness. In short, I don't trust and refuse to use it, even at the expense of not using that trailer any longer or running it on the 'unsafe' QR skewers. Hopefully it will work out on the fat bike. If not, the whole mess is going up for sale.
381 - 382 of 382 Posts