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I've been riding mine around the value recommended by the chart (105 to 110 instead of 120) and it has only been a positive difference. The ride is much smoother now, and I actually think it corners better because some of the small bumps are being soaked up by tire deflection.

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Here are four sites that talk about inflation pressure.

You need at least enough pressure to keep from getting pinch flats when you hit a hole, but not so much pressure as to blow the tire off of the rim, or experience an extremely rough ride.

From tire manufacturers
Schwalbe Tires - North America
Michelin Bicycle Tires - USA

Other opinions:
Sheldon Brown - All About Bicycle Tires and Tubes

Personally, I would go with the tire manufacturers rather than the other opinions.

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Depends on your weight and the tire specs. With tubeless tires you can run a little lower pressures because you don't have to worry about pinch flats. With clincher tires (tubes) you still don't want to max out the pressure, for instance Vittoria says you can inflate some of their tires up to 140psi. Unless the road is smooth as glass you are going to get lower rolling resistance and you'll have a teeth chattering ride. You'll spin longer with lower pressures and you'll spin smoother also, but you can't go too low either. You just have to figure out what that "sweet spot" is for you. For me it's between 95-100psi on Fusion3 tubeless tires.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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