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I'm always interested to hear about what websites other people enjoy frequenting. I'm a web surf-a-holic (and my problem has only gotten worse since getting a Blackberry).

Besides TwoSpoke, what otehr websites do you regularly visit. These don't have to be bike related. I'll start:

• I enjoy the news agrigator known as
• I post at 2 other cycling forums
• Craigslist. I stalk the DC and B-more listings like a lion hunts gazelle.
• Facebook. Ryan Cooper - Washington, DC | Facebook if you want to be friends
• A winemaking forum (winepress)
• A Homebrew forum (actually I believe that is where I found a link to this forum)
• Hulu for my TV watching needs.
• Youtube
• Sheldon Browns website is so great, I think I could surf it for the rest of my life and still never soak up all the information he left for us. RIP, We miss you big guy!
• Wiki-"let's-make-some-[expletive deleted]-up"-pedia
• Instructables. I'm amazed at the stuff people there make.

I'm sure there are more I just can't think of. I recently had to nuke my computer from orbit after a bad virus attack and I lost all my links.

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Well, I'm the admin on another cycling site, and former admin on a certain really big cycling site. So both of those and this one are in my Firefox tabs. Besides my blog and Facebook, I enjoy reading CNN, but take it as seriously as Fox news. I used to post on a Goldwing forum until I sold that bike, then it was the XL forum, but some heavy-handed moderation caused me to quickly lose interest.

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What alternate sights. This is it. Oh and reddit. and Drudge, and CL, and Hulu, Pandora, geez I'm on the internet to much.

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2 other cycling sites (used to be 4, but the other two have gone to sh**)
half-dozen or so online bike parts retailers
there are others, just have to be in the mood for them.
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