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I am about to do my first bike race. 56 years old and it took until now.
I quit smoking 2 packs a day almost 5 years ago when a doctor visit went bad...real bad.
I started down the fitness road. I run. A lot. In summer I bike. A lot. I will never be fast, the smoking saw to that, but I CAN DO! So I do do.

Running as fitness has a result of racing. There are a lot of road racing for runners.
Not so much for bikers.

Multi sport events...Triathlons and duathlons. If one can run swim and bike...there it is. Well I can't swim, not good enough to race, anyhow, swimming is also hard to practice in Colorado.
A duathlon. replace the swim with a 5K run. I can do that.
So Training has been fun. I am BRicking twice a week biking by itself once and running 5 times a week. a total of 30 running miles(or so) and 50-75 biking miles a week.

A duathlon is different than a normal bike race:
NO drafting (time penalty for doing so) one MUST be 3 bike lengths away from all others at all times except passing.
3 seconds to pass. (time penalty)
No riding side by side.(time penalty)
NO help of any kind during the race. (disqualify)

The last one there...No help.
This means if I get a flat I need to fix it myself. If the bike breaks I need to fix it without any help.
I am planning on carrying :
1 spare tube
3 CO2 carts
3 tire remover levers
1 speed patch kit(in case I need more than 1 tube)
That is it!
Should I carry tools?
I am thinking if the bike goes down that bad my race is over. But I am told it is "proper" to finish, no DNF's allowed.
What you think? carry a (fairly heavy) multi tool?
It is a race, after all.

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Jeepster, congrats on your "comeback"..Dedication like that is inspiring to many! :thumbsup:

While I've never competed in any road races or multi-sport events, I do have a handful of mountain events under my belt. My first question would be: What kind of hardware do you have on your bike- quick-release skewers can be a BIG help in a race. They make a tire change speedy and also limit what tools you need. For a multitool, I carried a Topeak Mini 20 Pro on my bike at all times. At just 150g, its barely noticeable.

As a creature of preparedness, I would consider bringing whatever you feel necessary to help complete the event (leave the kitchen sink at home though). Personally I would much rather have than need, especially if it got me to the finish. After you do a few races you'll be able to continually trim your kit to fit your needs, worrying about weight as you go.

Also in your kit I saw you had CO2 listed, but not an inflater/nozzle... Don't leave that at home! :p

Hope you found this useful, and GOOD LUCK!!

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Though smoking sure didn't help, the body has some really remarkable powers of recovery. True you won't ever win the Tour, but how many 36 year olds do that much less 56. I never smoked so I can't know how tough it is to quit, but having watched people and occasionally taken the brunt of the bad moods of people that were trying to quit, it must be one of the toughest things to accomplish and you did it!!!!!! Every year you stay quit puts risks for many of the nastiest problems of smoking closer to what they would have been as a non smoker.

The fact that you are training is only helping you. I knew of a trumpet player at one time managed to be a top flight professional based on talent, and some determination. Why?? He only had one lung. Just as you will he made the most of what he had, and sometimes what we think are limits we find a way to excel past them. Have fun in the race and have the significant other go buy you a trophy because you are already a winner.
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